AOC is Among Us on Twitch – The Failure of Quibi, Phantom Secure, AR Mario Kart in Your Living Room

• Joseph Cox from Motherboard details a lengthy voyage of Phantom Secure, a secure smartphone service that catered to and participated in the criminal underground.
• Mario Kart is coming to your living room! Rebecca Spear from iMore tested the new Mario Kart Live kit and shows why it makes such a good toy for humans and cats.
• Quibi failed fast and hard, and Josh Constine from SignalFire has thought extensively about why it wasn’t able to capitalize on the opportunity that shelter-in-place provides for video streaming services.
• Twitch saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nearly break live streaming records while playing Among Us, and Kyle Orland from Ars Technica dissects what that means for the upcoming election.

The Network: How a Secretive Phone Company Helped the Crime World Go Dark –

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Review — A Magical AR Experience Best Shared With Others –

“And yet, Quibi is not succeeding” –

Content Density: Why TikToks Trounce Stories –

AOC Makes Explosive Twitch Debut With Over 435,000 Among Us Viewers –

Twitch Blasts Streamers With Vague, Unhelpful DMCA Takedown Emails –

Host: Jason Howell
Guests: Joseph Cox, Rebecca Spear, Josh Constine, Kyle Orland
Tech News Weekly Episode 156
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