Casual Game Stay on the Ice!™ Andrioid App Review

New casual game Stay on the Ice!™ SeaWorld® Kids is a fun family friendly game for the Android and iOS platform. This video is an Android app review for this fun, fast paced tap to play game. Download now using the iTunes and Google Play links below and enjoy!

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Developer’s App Description:

Stay on the Ice!™ challenges your child to help adorable penguins on ice keep their balance on an iceberg in this most awesome of tapping games! As the clock runs out, a fast reaction is needed to keep your slipping penguins from sliding right off the iceberg. The trick is that you have to be a super fast tapper! Don’t let your penguins hit the chilling water, as they get near the edge of the ice, quickly tap your finger to turn those playful friends around and back to safety. SeaWorld® Kids, where imagination meets nature, brings you this frigidly fun and fast reaction game full of many types of friendly penguins. All you have to do is make sure those penguins STAY ON THE ICE!

These adorable penguin friends need your help to keep them on the ice for as long as you possibly can. With five penguin lives, it is all up to you to keep the clock from running out. Mysterious objects are floating around the water and you need to click those to keep your clock running, too. Remember – if you are not quick enough, your penguin friends will slip right off that ice, the clock will stop and the game will be over. Keep playing to try to beat your time, the longer you keep those penguins on the ice, the better.

Stay on the Ice!™ by SeaWorld® is an addicting game that is fun for all ages! The app features brightly colored penguins slipping and sliding around in time to cheerful music.

Stay on the Ice features:
● Brightly colored graphics
● Cheerful, fun music played throughout the game
● Option to mute/turn off music when quiet time is needed
● Adorable penguins of all shapes and sizes
● A time clock to track your best time

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