First Forever Free Cloud Storage – Cubbit: Reinventing the Cloud

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😍 First Forever Free Cloud Storage
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😍 Cubbit: Reinventing the Cloud:
The distributed cloud storage is here
Zero monthly fees. More space for free. Privacy by design.
1) Your Cloud Zero Fee: Connect your Cubbit Cell to your router and immediately get 512GB of free cloud storage.

2) Sync and Share with Everyone: Sync, share and backup your files and folders via desktop or web on all your devices. Like you are used to just free of charges and in absolute privacy.

3) Powered Swarm Intelligence: Cubbit Cells think together as bees in a swarm, forming a collective intelligence that provides you incredible speed and privacy t the highest level.
Enjoy free cloud storage, expandable up to 4TB for each Cell. Open up to 4 independent accounts and share your space with your friends.

Every file is encrypted, split in several chunks and distributed safely over the peer-to-peer network. Only you have the key to decrypt and access your file.

Every 4 TB stored on Cubbit instead of traditional cloud providers save the equivalent carbon footprint of an additional fridge (~350 kWh/year)

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