Here’s How Spotify Knows What You Want to Listen to | Elemental Ep 19

Spotify is the big daddy of music streaming. It suggests millions of songs to millions of users every day. But have you ever wondered how it exactly does it? Well, it uses its own algorithm called Bandits for Recommendations as Treatments. And it doesn’t just end there, there’s a lot of other clever science behind it. We explain that, and a lot more in this episode of Elemental where we talk about the smaller things in tech that make a much bigger impact on the real world.

Links for Further Reading/Viewing:
Spotify: Personalising the Listening Experience – Mounia Lalmas:

Research @ Spotify:

How Spotify Makes Money:

0:00 Introduction
1:00 The Spotify Interface
1:52 Spotify’s Algorithm – BaRT
2:47 How Spotify ‘Exploits’ and ‘Explores’
3:48 The Minimum Duration of Listening and How it Affects You
4:39 How Does Spotify Recommend New Artists?
6:18 Final Summation

Anchor: Shubham Raheja (
Video Editor: Pankaj Rawat (

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