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How to Fix Code 80072efe Windows Update Error

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80072efe Windows update error occurs when you try to install updates. In this article I will guide you how to fix error 80072efe·


. Problems in Windows registry
· Not connected to internet
· Internet activity is high
· Computer suffering from some resource issues

You can fix 80072efe error quickly by following the tips below

Authenticate Internet Activity

80072efe error occurs if you are not connected to internet and trying to install the Windows Updates. Before installing updates make sure that you are connected to internet. You can verify your internet connection by following the steps below.

1. Double click on Web Browser to open it
2. In the browser’s Address Bar type the name of any website
3. Press Enter

If the web browser opens the webpage it means that you are connected to internet.

Disable Anti-Virus Program

Sometimes anti-viruses also don’t allow you to install updates, so one of the reasons of receiving 80072efe error message can be an anti-virus blocking updates installation. Try to disable the anti-virus and then install Windows updates. Follow these steps to disable anti-virus program

· Click on Start button
· Go to All Programs
· Open the anti-virus program
· Go to its settings
· Disable anti-virus protection

Reduce Internet Activity

If the internet activity is very high and you are trying to install Windows Updates it can lead to 80072efe error. Before installing Windows update try to reduce internet activity on your system, close down all the other internet applications and then try installing the updates.

Disable Other Accelerator Programs

Another reason for occurrence of 80072efe error is the installation of accelerator programs. Some common examples of these programs are Download Accelerators and Internet Speed Accelerators. If you have installed any accelerator program, disable that program before installing Windows Updates.

Fix Registry Problems

If Windows registry contains errors it can result in 80072efe Windows update error. Windows registry errors can be removed by using a good Registry Cleaning software.

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