Instagram: How to Gain Followers, Increase Reach and Engagement (2020)

From small businesses to the biggies in the industry, everyone wants to grow their presence on Instagram. But, how do you do that? How do you gain more followers? How do you increase engagement on your posts? How do you get more views? All these questions answered in this video.

Welcome everyone, this is Office Space episode 16. For those who don’t know, Office Space is our series dedicated to making your life with office apps much easier. In this edition, I am going to suggest ways to increase your Instagram followers.

0:00 Grow IG Followers: Introduction
1:02 Grow IG Followers: Strategise
1:39 Grow IG Followers: Use Relevant Hashtags
2:38 Grow IG Followers: Convincing Profile Bio
3:18 Grow IG Followers: Post Consistently
4:12 Grow IG Followers: Use Appealing Captions
5:13 Grow IG Followers: Visually Engaging Content
6:00 Grow IG Followers: Schedule Your Posts
6:54 Grow IG Followers: Track Your Posts
7:58 Grow IG Followers: Promote Your Handle
8:52 Grow IG Followers: Avoid Fake Followers

Anchor: Aman Rashid (
Video Editor: Pankaj Rawat (

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