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This matching game is called Hoopla Gems and features unique match 2 gameplay where you match colors to the same colored polyomino shapes to clear the mission objectives for each level. Free iOS Universal Game with 20 large levels, 60 missions and power-ups.

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iOS Universal

Hoopla Brothers + Polyomino Shapes + Match 2 Puzzles = Unlimited FUN

Match the correct colour with their gems & remove as many shapes as possible to score huge. Get rewarded with AMAZING POWERS & use them to turn your luck into your ally.

Hoopla Gems is a unique puzzle game, featuring 20 LEVELS and 60 MISSIONS where the objective is to match the right colour with their shapes. Remove as many shapes as possible with a single move. The shapes keep moving down on every turn and all you have to do is stop them from filling up the whole screen.

Strategize every move depending on the position of the different shapes. Get rewarded with amazing POWERS like Masterstroke, Antigravity, Reshuffle and Bonanza & use them judiciously at the right time to tilt the balance of power.

Highlights of the game:

• Novel game mechanics bringing together the best of polyomino shapes and match 2 puzzle mechanics.
• 60 missions of different variety spread over 20 levels to keep it fun and engaging.
• Never a dull moment. Hoopla & Poopla are always at the task of keeping it interesting.
• Constant rewards in terms of MULTIPLIERS and powers.
• Compete and share with your friends in this socially adept game.
• Intuitive User Interface designed to keep your experience smooth.

Recommended Hardware:
Iphone 4 & higher, Ipod touch 4th gen & higher, Ipad 2, iPad Mini or higher. Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

This game can be downloaded over the air, no Wi-Fi is needed to play!

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