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Music Game, Mad Monster Beats features 4 dancing monsters, 4 stages, and 10 songs currently and is available for the iPad and soon for Android devices. Have fun with this Halloween Game getting down to different grooves as you tap to play this Mad Monster Beat dancing game.

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Mad Monster Beats is a fast paced dance game where players are challenged to keep up with the beat of the music and unlock stages and songs.

Play with the Beach Traveling Skeleton, the Wacky Zombie, the Creep Mummy, or the Alien. Move through Graveyards, Haunted Mansions, and More.

Players must tap on targets strategically placed across the screen in sync with the beat of the music. Watch out, the targets come fast and players are challenged with multiple targets on screen at a time. The challenge continues with multi-target swipes randomly appearing. Fast pace and addicting – it’s time to groove with the beasts!

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