Redmi 9 Power: 6,000mAh Power! New Battery Champ?

The ongoing pandemic has increased our reliance on electronic devices, to the point that it is now safe to say that our smartphones are the gateway to the outside world. The one thing that’s more important than ever is battery life. A dead smartphone is as useless as a mask on the chin. Now, Xiaomi has brought in the Redmi 9 Power. This new smartphone packs in a 6,000mAh battery, one of the biggest in a Redmi smartphone. So how well does the Redmi 9 Power fare? Watch our full review to find out.

0:00 Redmi 9 Power: Introduction
1:00 Redmi 9 Power: Look and feel
1:40 Redmi 9 Power: Display
2:17 Redmi 9 Power: Specifications
2:32 Redmi 9 Power: Performance
3:03 Redmi 9 Power: Software
3:43 Redmi 9 Power: Battery life
4:16 Redmi 9 Power: Camera
6:03 Redmi 9 Power: Pros and Cons
6:32 Redmi 9 Power: Verdict
6:35 Redmi 9 Power: Your Questions Answered

Redmi 9 Power Review:

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