Time Management is so Easy with TickTime

Time Management is so Easy now with TickTime. Buy Online: https://bit.ly/2Wngeqm
It’s sleek and sophisticated. presenting TickTime, Countdown Like Never Before. Just flip and start the countdown, no programming required, button free timing. It starts and stops without you having to press a button. And it’s totally portable. So wherever and whenever you need to keep track of time, TickTime will be there. It is simple to operate by changing its positions. But, if you want to manually set the time, just easily push two buttons for setting the exact minute and second as you like. Also, you can adjust the alarm volume to the appropriate level, including silent mode, to notify you in different situations. TickTime is light and small. So it fits into any pocket and any bag for ultimate portability.
TickTime has a magnetic side to stick to the fridge or any metal surfaces to leave you hands-free while keeping track of the time.
TickTime is chargeable. No batteries are required. Simply plug-in your phone charger to boost TickTime’s power.
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