Tower Defense Game – Towers Rush iPad App Review

Tower Defense Game, Towers Rush is an epic 3D medieval tower defense game with 3 large game boards all featuring 9 overall waves, but literally hundreds of waves for each game area. There are 40 different monsters, each with their own sounds, each gaming area has its own music and there are 6 overall towers to defend your portal, good luck.

Towers Rush is available in iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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iOS Universal

Prepare to defend your portal from the attacking monsters! Be prepared to battle Orcs, undead, dwarves and other surprising characters in many scenarios for hours.
This epic journey will give you a unique experience in tower portal defense. This unique experience in medieval tower placement and defense will improve your strategic gaming.

-Detailed map design for every scenario.
-6 distinct towers with 5 upgrade transformations in each.
-Intense boss fighting.
-Attractive music in every map.
-More than 40 monster designs.
-Unique sounds for each monster.
-Allows strategic tower placements.

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