Weekly Budget Planner App – An Easy Way to Save Money iPhone App Review

Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money is an excellent weekly budget planner app for the iPhone. This iPhone finance app is super simple to use to enter spending and income and literally takes 3 taps to do so. You can pick this app up in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 or use our affiliate link below to download this app.

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Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money will save your money with very simple method

It helps you to save by showing you intuitively how much money is left, and how much to spend every day is good.

As well, it show graphic feedback of amount of money on how much you spent or you are going to spend to reduce overconsumption

It is very simple application but it has necessary functions completely.


1. Set a starting day every week (Default is Sunday)
2. Set an estimated budget for the week
3. Choose the category and input the amount when money is spent or earned.
4. You will see changing colors of screen with bars increasing or decreasing after remaining amount from estimated budget is counted


• Support reliable iCloud with iOS7

• It lets you check easily on how much money is left to spend or how much money is exceeded

• It guides you to save your money by telling how much of spending would be good.

• It shows remaining budget in icon badge

• Managing categories are convenient

• Previously inputted details are arranged (by month, amount, alphabet and category groups) and showed.

• When money is spent or added, it is seen in the screen that certain amount of money is subtracted or added.

• Details of usage is compiled by groups (All, spent money, earned money) and sent as Excel files. This file can be sent through E-mails or saved in computers with iTunes.

• It supports all kinds of currency


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